MasTec Announces Agreement With Redback Networks

May 03, 2000

MIAMI, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- MasTec, Inc. (NYSE: MTZ) announced today that it signed an agreement with Redback Networks, Inc. to engineer and install the equipment and infrastructure associated with Redback's Subscriber Management System(TM)product lines. Redback will use MasTec's nationwide network installation and maintenance capabilities to deploy its integrated solutions to carriers and service providers.

Under the agreement the companies will design and install the network infrastructure required to provide DSL, cable and wireless access companies with greatly increased capacity. Redback's product line allows customers to integrate broadband, dialup, and leased-line access into a single IP-service platform. MasTec will provide engineering and installation services to tailor the equipment to each customer's application including major switching centers and nationwide networks.

"The explosive demand for additional bandwidth brought about by the growth in the Internet and e-commerce applications requires innovative solutions and high quality implementation," said Joel-Tomas Citron, President and CEO of MasTec. "The combination of Redback technology and MasTec deployment capabilities allows carriers and service providers to find full turn-key support for their networks."

"Major broadband providers are expanding their networks at an ever increasing rate in order to provide enhanced IP-based services and content" said Larry Blair, Redback Network's Vice President of Marketing. "By teaming with MasTec we are able to provide true end-to-end service to our customers and meet their rapidly growing demands."

Redback Networks Inc. is a leading provider of advanced networking solutions that enable carriers, cable operators, and service providers to rapidly deploy broadband access and services. The company's market-leading Subscriber Management Systems connect and manage large numbers of subscribers using any of the major broadband access technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable, and wireless. To deliver integrated transport solutions for metropolitan optical networks, Redback's Smart Edge multi-service platforms leverage powerful advances in application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), IP and optical technology. With this product portfolio, Redback Networks is the first equipment supplier focused exclusively on developing integrated solutions for the New Access Network.

MasTec is the largest end-to-end communications and energy infrastructure service provider in North America. MasTec ( builds, installs and maintains internal and external networks supporting Internet, Internet-related applications, and other communications and energy facilities for leading telecommunications, cable television, energy and Fortune 500 companies.
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